Youth Information Centres

Youth Information Centre (YIC) was established as a centre within the community for channeling information flow, primarily targeted at young people. YICs were located at easily accessible points within the community / village, making them approachable by all young people from the neighbouring areas/ village as well. YIC functioned under close watch of elders and responsible persons from the community. During the meeting with parents and PRI members , the  functioning of  YICs was discussed and suggestions were welcomed for its institutionalization.

Young people visited YICs at the allocated timings decided  by  young people themselves. Each YIC was managed by two  Young People designated as ‘YIC in Charge’ – one male & one female. Books, magazines and newspapers were made available. Text books were also made available at certain YICs on demand. Young People borrowed reading materials and took them home. Sports equipment and indoor games were also available.

Weekly activities like ‘Friday Club’, ‘Summer Camp’, ‘Rangoli Competition’, IEC making were organized for young people at YICs so as to encourage maximum participation and creativity.