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 Health, education of girls focus of new policy

The new 'girl child policy' approved by the state cabinet on Friday would help many children in the state get better healthcare facilities and education apart from security and protection without any gender discrimination: JAIPUR

 Indian Maternal Health Program Blasted by Critics

At 28, Leela Devi, who lives in a small village in the impoverished northern state of Uttar Pradesh, seems like an obvious candidate for a new government program to improve the health of pregnant and lactating women

 A healthy life is what you and your child deserve

Nutrition is a desperately neglected aspect of maternal , newborn and child health. The reasons for this neglect are understandable but not justifiable. More than a third of child deaths and eleven per cent of the total disease burden worldwide are due to maternal and child undernutrition. Low birth weight of babies has become a grievous issue in India.

 Mother's milk and touch best for infant's health

Doctors say two simple interventions - exclusive breastfeeding and maximum skin-to-skin contact, have been found to pass dramatic health benefits from a mother to her newborn child.

 Global activists visit Bihar, pitch for child marriage eradication

A team from The Elders, an organisation of independent global leaders working for peace and human rights, visited Bihar on Tuesday in a bid to root out the practice of child marriage and back the State government's efforts to combat it.

 Govt project prevents 1 lakh fresh HIV cases in five years

About 100, 000 fresh HIV cases among the general population were averted in India in five years by targeting the most vulnerable section.

 UNGA to focus on India's child marriage ills

Child marriage, one India's worst social ills, is all set to get global attention. Heavyweights like Mary Robinson, Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu and Gro Brundtland are travelling to the 66th session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York on Tuesday to put the spotlight on this social malady.


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