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These collections include Video cassettes, CD-ROMs, Audio cassettes and VCDs on health and development issues including Young people’s issues.


#No Title

Type of Audio/ Visual


 Aap bhi sajhedar ho sakte hai(A), Beeswi Shatabdi Ka Bhoot(B) Audio Cassette


 Accelerating the momentum in the fight against HIV/AIDS in South Asia: Issues papers and background documents CD-ROM


 Access denied: U. S. restrictions on international family planning CD-ROM


 Access for all: XV International Conference in Bangkok CD-ROM


 Adha asman: women's access to health Video Cassette


 Adolescent sexual and reproductive health: training manual for program managers CD-ROM


 Advisory Group meeting on Development of AFHS Tool CD- ROM


 AIDS quest: the HIV/AIDS survey library CD-ROM


 AIDS: education and prevention: special supplement on HIV surveillance, prevention, intervention and treatment in Asia CD-ROM


 Alliance technical support publications, vol. 2 CD-ROM


 AMFAR global link HIV/AIDS: guide to international HIV/AIDS research, treatment and clinical trials CD-ROM


 Anjam Video Cassette


 Aparajita Video Cassette


 Armaan Video Cassette


 Arushi Newsletter Vol.1 CD-ROM


 Aurat or uska swasthye-Part I and 2 Audio Cassette


 Baatein Aur bhi hain Audio Cassette


 Baby care basics Video Cassette


 Breaking the silence Video Cassette


 Breaking the silence around HIV / AIDS: video conference on HIV / AIDS in India CD-ROM


 Britannica 2001 CD-ROM


 Bureau of AIDS,TB and STIs department of diseae control: XV International AIDS conference CD-ROM


 Canadian HIV/AIDS resources CD-ROM


 Care of women with HIV living in limited-resource settings CD-ROM




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