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These collections include Video cassettes, CD-ROMs, Audio cassettes and VCDs on health and development issues including Young people’s issues.


#No Title

Type of Audio/ Visual


 Census of India CD-ROM


 Challenging AIDS: comprehensive Control in Action: China Cares Programme CD-ROM


 Charcha Jari Hai(A), Ek Unkaha Such (B) Audio Cassette


 Chupke Se Chillao(A), Samjhaute ke Baat(B) Audio Cassette


 Clinical guide to Supportive and palliative care for HIV/AID CD-ROM


 Collective response to HIV/AIDS networks CD-ROM


 Community-driven quality day: challenges and lessons learned in implementaion and evaluation CD-ROM


 Compilation of materials for working with adolescents CD-ROM


 Compilation of materials for working with adolescents CD-ROM


 Compilation of materials for working with adolescents CD-ROM


 Critical issues in reproductive health: integrated management of child care supervisory aid and evaluation tool(child guide) Floppy


 Critical issues in reproductive health: maternity care, supervisory aid and evaluation tool (OB guide) Floppy


 Demographic and health survey 2000: Cambodia CD-ROM


 Door Ki Soch(A), Anchahe Bhadhan(B) Audio Cassette


 Drugs and HIV/AIDS toolkit CD-ROM


 Enter: Educate Videos Video Cassette


 Face of AIDS: global AIDS film archive DVD


 Face of AIDS: global AIDS film archive DVD


 Family Health International publications CD-ROM


 Findings from the field: compilation of publications on HIV/AIDS CD-ROM


 Futures group: development solutions, sustainable futures CD-ROM


 Gender and reproductive health research initiative CD-ROM


 Gender Issue Audio Cassette


 Great humanitarian success in the fight against HIV/AIDS on people using V-1 monitor CD-ROM


 Growing up: a film on sex education and reproductive health for young people Video Cassette


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