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Thursday, August 20, 2009

  Subject: [SRIJAN]: Reproductive rights of adolescents


Dear Friends,

Adolescents and young people comprise almost half the world’s population. They have reproductive rights, just as adults do. But their low social status, lack of autonomy, and physical vulnerability make it more difficult for them to exercise those rights. The rights violations they encounter include a lack of comprehensive sexuality education; lack of access to confidential health care services; child marriage; sexual violence; and female genital mutilation. Governments and other civil societies have a duty to empower adolescents to make informed choices and to protect themselves.


Books and Initiatives


The reproductive rights of adolescents: a tool for health and empowerment

This briefing paper outlines the general framework of adolescents’ reproductive and sexual rights. It addresses core concerns for adolescents’ rights and discusses governments’ legal duties to address those concerns. The areas of focus are sexuality education; access to confidential health care; child marriage and lack of educational opportunity; sexual violence; and female genital mutilation (FGM). Promoting adolescent health and autonomy should be the primary goals for advocates and lawmakers. Because adolescents do not fit within the traditional categories of child or adult, they require particular legal consideration. An effective government response includes creating and implementing laws and policies that enable adolescents to flourish and achieve their full potential.

To download the pdf of this report please log on to -


Meeting the needs of young clients: a guide to providing reproductive health services to adolescents

Adolescents are the forgotten millions in reproductive health programs. Although the numbers of young people who need information and services are enormous, services are scarce, fragmented or nonexistent. In this regard manual will help service providers and health workers strengthen the reproductive health care and services offered to young women and men. The focus is on two important aspects of reproductive health like prevention of unplanned pregnancies and prevention of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV/AIDS. It can also be used as a tool for designing, improving and implementing adolescent health programs by:Health workers, workers in nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) that offer health services to young adults, program managers and planners & health educators who work with youth.

To download the pdf of this manual please log on to -


Youth friendly services for married youth: a curriculum for trainers

This curriculum seeks to enhance health care providers’ understanding of young married men and women reproductive health needs and enables them to provide appropriate information, support, and services. Moreover, the curriculum encourages health care providers to reach out to community members and adults and help them create a supportive environment that meets the reproductive health needs of young married couples.

To download the pdf of this training manual please log on to -


State of world population 2008-- Reaching common ground: culture, gender and human rights

It is important to analyze and understand the varied roles of culture in social relationships and the ways in which culture influences individual and social choices. This report, however, focuses on putting culturally sensitive approaches into practice. It shares the principles of earlier United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) reports. The report addresses some of the everyday circumstances in which culture affects not only social relationships, but development issues such as gender inequalities, maternal health, fertility, ageing and poverty.

To download the pdf of this report please log on to -


News on wire


AIDS awareness porgramme by district collectorate

NAGPUR: The district collectorate of Nagpur had been taking up the cause of fighting against the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) and the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infections in the past. It has now been appointed the implementing authority in the AIDS campaign on August 12 on the occasion of International Youth Day.
The programme, which will be organized under the aegis of the Maharashtra State AIDS Control Society (MSACS), will be a large-scale AIDS awareness campaign targeted at youngsters. Many college students as well as members of many NGOs have been invited for the function.



Child marriage case: Accused denied bail

PANAJI: In an alleged case of child marriage, the children's court rejected the bail application filed by one Ismail Trivali, arrested by the police for raping and physically abusing a minor girl below the age of 16 after marrying her in Karnataka. According to the prosecution, the accused entered into wedlock with the girl and registered the marriage with a society in Karnataka. Thereafter, he brought the girl to Goa, and stayed with her in a rented place. An NGO, on learning of the case, assisted the victim in filing a police complaint, the prosecution added.



Call for maternal health legislation

The Centre for Reproductive Rights has called upon the legal fraternity to seek accountability for human rights violation arising from maternal mortality. Collaborate with activists and public health experts to develop PIL claiming that the right to survive pregnancy and childbirth is a constitutionally protected right, a report “Maternal Mortality in India: Using International and Constitutional law to Promote Accountability and Change” has recommended. The Centre has sought court intervention to direct the legislative bodies to introduce comprehensive maternal health legislation based on human rights standards.



News in print


Better school education system can check child labour

Describing child labour as a major issue, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s wife Gurusharan Kaur called for improving the school education system in the country. Speaking in a programme ‘World day against Child Labour’, she said: “we need to strengthen elementary education to tackle the social evil and focus should be given to primary and secondary education to save children from menace to child labour.”

Source: Hindu, 13th June 2009.


Three suspended for inhuman treatment to HIV patient

The Gujarat Government has suspended three officials of the Guru Govind civil hospital in Jamnagar following complains of inhuman treatment to a HIV positive patient. The woman, in her early 30s, was made to sit in the waiting hall with the tag “HIV positive patient” pasted on the forehead.

Source: Hindu, 21st June 2009


Haryana goof-up lets ‘killer’ docs off hook

A huge state boo-boo failing to notify the Pre-Natal Diagnostic techniques (PNDT) Act in the official gazette threatens to undo Haryana’s claim of being the first state in the country to convict a doctor under the act. And now because of the government goof up, different courts in the state have been forced to acquit five people booked under the Act, while 60 other medical practitioners caught in the past 12 years awaits their turn to walk.

Source:The Times of India, 23rd June 2009.


China shuts even sex health sites

Ordinary web users in China will be banned from surfing sex related medical and research websites from next month, amid an internet crackdown on pornographic online content, according to new regulations. Medical information service providers must install software to ensure only professional scan access sites that carry information and research about sex.

Source: The Times of India , 26th June 2009.


Rajasthan schools too prudish to talk sex

At a camp he organized for adolescent girl students at his school about six months ago, Syed Fazal Ahmad, Principal Veena Memorial Secondary School in Karauli districts of Rajasthan, 180 km southwest of Jaipur, spent some time talking to them about contraception. The next day, back in his office, he found a flood of angry parents at his door.

Source: Hindustan times, 26ht June 2009.


Truth behind rising infant deaths in city

Buried in the economic survey for Delhi recently released was a statistics that puts India’s capital on a par with the most backward regions of the world. It showed that infant mortality rate in the capital climbed by 50% per year between 2005 and 2007, making Delhi the only state in the country and perhaps the only place on earth outside some helpless regions of central Africa to have a rising IMR.

Source: The Times of India, June 24th 2009.


6 pregnant women killed, MP govt childbirth scheme breaks down

The overwhelming response to a Madhya Pradesh government scheme that seeks to promote institutional deliveries has taken its toll on the already crowded Sultania Women’s Hospital in Bhopal where six women have lost their lives in the maternity ward over two days. The hospital, which can cater to only90 beds, received 230 patients, many of them critical because complicated case is referred to it from across the state.

Source: Indian Express, June 30th 2009.


Today is Judgment day for Gays

The Delhi high court is due to deliver its much-awaited verdict on a petition seeking decriminalization of homosexuality. Seven months after concluding the hearings on the petition filed by Naz foundation, a bench consisting of chief justice AP Shah and justice S Murlidharan  will announce whether section 377 IPC could be “ read  down “ to decriminalize private consensual sex between adults of the same sex

Source: Times of India, July 2nd 2009.


Extremely high prevalence of child labour in Rajasthan

The Rajasthan labour watch has drawn the attention of the National Commission for Protection of child rights to the extremely high prevalence of child labour in the desert State and the lack of effective implementation of the juvenile justice (care and protection of children) Act, 2000 as well as the laws against child trafficking and child marriages.

Source: Hindu, July 6th 2009.


Fight against poverty slow in South Asia: UN report

Alleviation of poverty in South Asia was much slower compared to other regions of the world between 1999 and 2005. The progress made is also under threat of global economic contraction and lost jobs, says the annual UN report on the millennium development goals.

Source: The Indian Express, 8th July 2009



Trainings/Workshops/ Conferences


Management development programme on health management information system November 16-20; IIHMR, Jaipur.

Objective of this programme is to strength the capabilities of the participants in designing and implementing health management information system. It enhances understanding of the basic concepts and approaches for hospital and health management information system.


The course fee will be Rs 16,000 for an Indian participant and $600 for an international participant.

Contact details: E_mail: ;   Website:

BOND presents Project planning using a logical framework approach course, UK

Logical frameworks encourage transparency and flexibility in planning a project with stakeholders. They are a powerful way to focus ideas, co-ordinate resources and pinpoint future difficulties and opportunities. Used throughout a project, logical frameworks can provide a whole new perspective on project planning, management and evaluation.

What you will learn: The key elements of a project, how they relate together and their hierarchy of importance, Key stages where participatory work with stakeholders is essential to project planning, Setting objectives and choosing strategies through analyzing stakeholders’ problems and needs, capacity and resources, Draw up a sample logical framework based on your own practical case studies.

Please click on full details link for more information:

Managing Information Resources in the digital age: a training programme on information management, documentation and web-based outreach, India

Managing information, in the internet era with explosive information availability demands special skills and calls for investments in strengthening the information infrastructure and skills of an organization.

This specially designed course will teach participants on how to manage all aspects and types of information, at an institutional level and develop a virtual resource centre using open source tools and technologies.

Please click on full details link for more information:


MAMTA-Health Institute for Mother and Child is a non-governmental organization working on various health and development issues with special focus on young people’s reproductive and sexual health and rights among various strata of the population.

The organization provides visibility and voice to young people and in this regard a portal acts as a platform for dissemination of scientific information as well.

SRIJAN (Sexual and Reproductive health Initiative for Joint Action Network) Electronic discussion forum attempts to bring together individuals and organizations to create and share resources, initiate discussion and debate on issues concerning young people’s reproductive and sexual health and rights.

We look forward to your participation in the forum!

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