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Name of the Organisation: PRAYAS

Postal Address: B-8, BapunagarSenthi, Chittorgarh-312025Rajasthan

Phone: 01472-243788, 250044

Fax: 243788

Geographical Area covered: a) Blocks:-Pratapgarh, Arnod, Chhoti Sadri, Nimbahera, Dungla& Kapasan Distt:-Chittorgarh.b) Block:-Dhariyawad Distt:-Udaipur.

Target Groups: Poor people, Dalit groups, Adivasi women, Adolescent boys and girls. The organization works for education promotion programmes, community health programmes, social equality, establishing a community , women’s empowerment and gender inequality programmes

Area of work: a) Girl child education. b) Education retention. c) Adolescent health & development. d) Adverse sex ratio. e) Gender issues. f) Literacy programmes. g) Women’s empowerment issues. h) Community empowerment issues. i) Rural development. j) Clinical services.


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