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Question 1 What is the normal frequency of masturbation?

Despite the widespread condemnation of masturbation in our society, surveys indicate that most people masturbate at some time. As sexual expression, including masturbation, varies from person, no particular frequency can be labeled to be Ďnormalí. Since the frequency of masturbation depends on various factors like availability of alternative sexual practices, it is less frequent in married people than among unmarried. Thus the frequency can vary from once to few times a day to once a month or once in few months.


Question 2 My friends say itís ok for guys to masturbate but itís dirty for girls! Is this true?

This is not true at all. Masturbation is completely normal for both men and women and there is nothing to call it dirty. Although some people consider masturbation as harmful, it actually is one of the bodyís most effective ways to relieve stress. Women and men masturbate throughout their lives, whether or not they are in sexual relationships with other people. But because masturbation is so misunderstood, the people who masturbate have unnecessary guilty feelings and shame about it. Masturbation is a perfectly healthy activity, whether a person is female or male.


Question 3 Sometimes I masturbate with female porn (I am a guy) though I have a steady girlfriend. Is it cheating?

Pornography is nothing but some sexually arousing imaginary that stimulates oneís sexual desire. Sometimes they are called erotica, as there are some senses of obscenity attached to it. In any case, many people enjoy using pornography as a stimulant during their sex play-alone or with a partner. Most people donít consider it as cheating to their partner though some may think about it that way. The point that has to be clarified here is that the relationship is something very personal and it is very sensitive too. Itís always better to share your feelings with your girlfriend and make it a point that when you masturbate, itís your discretion to follow your own way.


Question 4 Iím a girl of 16 and Iíve been masturbating for the last few years. Recently I found some indication of pregnancy. Iím very much worried. Can masturbation lead to pregnancy?

In order to get pregnant a girl has to have sexual  intercourse ,which means a Ďpenetrative sexual contactí (vaginal-penile contact) with a boy. Thus by masturbating, a girl can never get pregnant.


Question 5 Is it safe to masturbate during the period?

There is no harm in masturbating during period. But for masturbation during period, one should be cautious if a girl is using a tampon. If sheís using that, she should remove it before masturbation. Otherwise, the tampon and its string could get pushed deep inside the vagina and it may cause some trouble to get that out. The other precaution for masturbation during periods is that hygiene should be maintained very cautiously. If she uses sex toys for insertive masturbation, itís very important to keep them clean. Condoms could be used over the toy to secure the cleanliness of the toy.


Question 6 Iím 26 years old and worried about semen discharge. Two or three drops of semen come out after passing urine. What should I do?

Semen is a mixture of secretions from various reproductive glands like prostate, seminal vesicles with the testes contributing to the sperm. After a certain point in the reproductive tract the semen and urine share a common passage. Infact there usually are a few sperm present in most samples of urine collected from men. Appearance of semen, either intermixed with urine or at the end, thus itís not an abnormal event. It does not require any treatment.


Question 7 Iím 22 years unmarried man and suffering from the problem of Ďwet dreamsí. Will it hamper my married life and how to get rid of this?

The sperm, after the attainment of puberty in a male, are constantly manufactured at the rate of approximately 3000/min. To provide nourishment and supportive environment to these sperms, the semen too is manufactured in various and is stored in the reproductive tract of the male. Since the storage capacity is limited, whenever the quantity of semen exceeds the capacity, the sperm is expelled or ejaculated out.

Many a times such ejaculations spontaneously at night times and may or may not be associated with erotic dreams. They do not lead to weakness or cause any problems in the married life.


Question 8 When I get up in the morning, I always have an erection. I donít dream about women or anything that can stimulate me. Is it normal?

This is very normal. Many healthy men wake up in the morning with an erection. Men have several erections during a night as part of their sleep cycle. Thus, many times they wake up and find that they are still erect.

Other than sexual stimulation, a manís penis can get erect as a result of deep relaxation. That is what he experiences in deep sleep, with or without dreams.


Question 9 Is it possible to know if someone had anal intercourse or anal masturbation by examining the anus or something like that?

Not generally. A doctor will not be able to say whether someone had anal intercourse or play unless there were specific signs like symptoms of a sexually transmitted infection (such as genital warts), semen in the anus or torn tissue caused by rough or violent sex. Otherwise there would be no signs for a doctor or anyone else to observe.


Question 10 Does masturbation increase or decrease penis size?

No, Masturbation has no permanent effect on the size of the penis. If a man gets erected, his penis will fill with blood and grow in size. When the penis becomes soft again, it will return to its regular size.



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