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Query :  This is indeed very serious. Me and my girl friend indulg in sex regularly. Last time we had sex we do used condoms.Her periods r quite regular.But this time around she is now 7 days late. I am 19 n she is 18. Is she pregnant? How can she get a pregnancy test from her home.PLz help. Plz tell me more about Medical Abortion also. She would be giving her board exams for 12th in march. So plz give a quick reply.THANKS


Replied :

Dear Friend,

We understand your concern. Even though your girlfriend may be having regular periods, a delay of 7 days may or may not be a matter of concern. At times periods may become irregular due to certain physical and psychological stress, may be she is stressed about her forthcoming exams.

A pregnancy test could be done at home using a pregnancy test kit. This kit is available at any local chemist shop.  The common brand names are Pregcolour, Velocit (Dr. Reddy’s Kit), and costs about Rs. 35-40. Read the details and follow the instructions carefully provided with the test kit.

In case the test result is positive, then she could be shown to a registered gynaecologist who could suggest her best possible way of abortion. One that we could suggest is Marie Stopes clinic which are running in most cities of the world. You need to remember that the period of safe abortion is between 8-12 weeks from the day she missed her periods. You don’t have to be afraid to go to the doctor because the minimum legal age for abortion is 18 years in India.

If you think that you need guidance and counselling at any point of time, do not hesitate to contact us. Visit to see the section on pregnancy, abortion, and contraception in the Information Base on the Young People section.

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